Tuesday, 30 August 2016

How To Prepare Yourself And What To Expect During This Mercury Retrograde (August 30-September 22)

As the amazing astronomical event takes place that involves the lunar eclipse setting in Virgo, we are also expecting another grand disturbance within our stability of body and soul.
Simultaneously with the lunar eclipse, Mercury will begin to retrograde and cause a variety of inconveniences in your everyday life.
You will want to do everything in your power to make sure that you are more than ready for these future days because otherwise you may find yourself being very disappointed with results from things you had high-hopes for.
Here is how you can prepare yourself as well as what you should expect with this upcoming three week astronomical event.
To give an explanation as to why all of these inconveniences start happening is because Mercury is the planet said to have a very powerful influence over your mind, communication skills, as well as the way you express yourself.
There will be a lot of miscommunication between you and your workplace, friends, family, and just about everything else that involves you communicating with others. However, this doesn't mean that there isn't a way to prepare ourselves for this three-week-interruption.

Avoid Negotiating/Agreements

Anything that you would have to write down and then sign with your signature you may have to hold off on that kind of decision making.
The reason being as Mercury sets in retrograde will cause your contracts and any other agreements to be revised or redacted.
The miscommunication that will surely show it's ugly face in the contract of things that you may have missed, didn't cover with the other person, or that it was the wrong thing to agree to in the first place.
Certain details could have gone unnoticed or maybe some kind of hole in the agreement that would lead to an inevitable deal-breaker. If you do decide to make any form of agreement you better know what you're signing before giving your consent.

Avoid Scheduling Events

Again, you better expect a lot of miscommunication as Mercury begins to retrograde. Certain events that were made to bring communities closer could actually in fact have the exact opposite results of what you were expecting.
If there is simply no way out of canceling a meeting or rescheduling an event for another time, then you may have to be on your guard throughout the entire ordeal.
If the event or meeting has some distance from your location, then you better plan for extra time to get yourself out of trouble if need be. Essentially, plan much farther ahead than you normally would.

Avoid Buying Anything

This is probably one of the biggest things that we can stress that you shouldn't do during the retrograde of Mercury is that you should definitely not purchase anything at all.
The reason being is that you will most likely discover something wrong or off about the product you just bought. This will result the same way for just about everything that you could potentially buy during the retrograde.
This goes for gifts as well. The reason being is that if you planned on buying a gift for someone that you like they may already have that certain product, don't really care for it, or just wasn't in the mood to receive that thing in particular. This has to do a lot with the miscommunication expected to take place.
What it boils down to, in order for you to be absolutely prepared for these three weeks of Mercury becoming retrograde is to avoid making any kind of important decisions.
Anything that you claim to have a major impact on your life will hold significant disappointment the more you build it up. This isn't necessarily to discourage you from having big dreams but more of a caution to make sure those big dreams do not break into shattered pieces.
Just be aware of any important things you hold close to you because this could be the time that they all start to slowly drift away.